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Electrical Switches, Fans and Air Conditioning

A Quick Start Guide

Most of the switches speak for themselves and for the other switches we have added a sticker with what the switch is for.

If you still have questions, look at the overview here.

Electrical Switches (Lights), Fans and Air Conditioning: Product

Overview of Electricity FAQs


Fan & Light 

Bedrooms, Studio, Kitchen, Living Room, Piano Room

- Before you can turn on the fan & light, you first need to turn on the switch and then you can use the remote to turn on the fan & light.

Air Conditioning

In Bedrooms, Studio, Bar, Movie Room & Living Room

AC - In every room where there is AC a remote control is available to turn the AC on.


Terrace Light Switches

Light up your night!

Most outside lights are solar powered, which means the garden is lit up at night.

The exception are the terrace lights, so you can decide if you want them on or off.

One terrace light switch is located left from the kitchen door and the other one right from the TV in the living room or outside on the terrace itself.

Outdoor & Indoor Pool Lights

For an illuminated Swim

Outdoor Pool: to turn on the outdoor swimming pool lights, first turn on the switch in the Movie Room (above desk at window near outside exit) and then the switch located on the wall next to the swimming pool. 

Indoor Pool: to turn on the indoor lights swimming pool lights, enter the pool through the main access doors. The light and switch for the squirting dolphins are on your left side.

Electrical Switches (Lights), Fans and Air Conditioning: Amenities
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